Czech Chamber of Commerce

Czech Chamber of Commerce (HKCR) is an entity representing the entrepreneurial public. It protects the interests of its members – enterprises associated in a network of regional chambers and trade associations. Membership in the HKCR is voluntary; currently the organization represents more than 14 000 companies.

Czech Chamber of Commerce has a direct communication link with the state administration, local authorities, representatives of occupational unions and association, the unions as well as the entrepreneurs and companies. The Czech Chamber of Commerce employs and cooperates with experts in the field of education and labour market.

In the sector of education, Czech Chamber of Commerce plays active role as a member of:

a) Accreditation Commission for retraining enables HKCR to influence directly the quality and offers of retraining programs of Employment Offices

b) Accreditation Commission for High School (College) Education enables HKCR to influence directly the quality and content of education programs of High Schools (Colleges) in the Czech Republic

c) Involvement of HKCR in Operational Programme for Education for competitive strength implemented by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. This enables Chambers of Commerce in the Czech Republic to qualify as applicants for financing of projects and to influence the projects of the basic education.


TREXIMA, spol. s r.o.

TREXIMA Ltd (Czech Republic) was established in 1991 and is focused on human resources, rationalization of work and statistical research. The company has 60 employees, resides in Zlín city with the branch office in city of Prague.

The company operates in the area of human work investigation, it provides advisory in HR, work rationalization and work measuring, and it also carries out statistical surveys of average earnings and cooperates in many projects of public sector in the area of human resources development, qualification and labour market analysis.

As important TREXIMA´s business partners can be considered for instance: Ministry of labour and social affairs of The Czech Republic (MOLSA), Ministry of industry and trade of The Czech Republic, Ministry of education, youth and sports of The Czech Republic (MEYS), The Czech Statistical Office, EUROSTAT, Confederation of industry of The Czech Republic, Czech chamber of commerce, The University of economics Prague, Research institute for labour and social affairs, National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education (NÚV), North-Moravian energies, The Czech post, Transgas, and many others. The company also participates actively in regional councils for human resources development.

TREXIMA plays also important role in building bridge between the world of work and the education, because helps employers to define requirements for school leavers.


Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia

Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia (RCC SM) is an association of legal entities of chambers of commerce in particular districts of the South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic. It represents interests of its members. RCC SM is an integral part of the economic life in the South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic.

Foreign cooperation

Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia cooperates with subjects not only from the European Union, but from other countries as well. RCC SM perceives importance of eastern markets. RCC SM realizes business missions to Eastern and Western Europe. It offers help to member chambers of commerce in process of finding new business partners and promotes their interests in foreign countries. RCC SM informs its members about topical opportunities, enquiries and offers from foreign companies. RCC SM forces to do real business, creates new contracts and contracts in the face of today’s difficult economic situation.

Cooperation in the Czech Republic

Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia closely cooperates with Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, with the City of Brno, with the Regional Authority and other important institutions involving in the process of improving entrepreneur surroundings in South Moravia.

Logo TREXIMA Bratislava

TREXIMA Bratislava, spol. s r.o.

TREXIMA Bratislava is a private company specialising in research, statistics, advisory and consulting services in the fields of:

  • job positions, labour market, labour cost and wage sample statistical surveys,
  • occupational classifications,
  • development of competency model in Slovak Republic
  • human resources management,
  • analytical job evaluations,
  • description of standard occupational tasks,
  • rationalisation of working processes,
  • detailed retrospective analyses,
  • wage, employment and productivity prognoses.

Main activities of the company:

  • National labour cost statistical surveys on a sample of more than 7 000 reporting units, since 1992
  • Improving communication on the labour market through Integrated system of job positions (ISTP) –
  • Linking the education system to the labour market by National Occupational Framework (NSP) –
  • Human resources consulting: analytical jobs assessment, special labour cost statistics, processes optimisation and rationalisation of work, organisational structure modelling
  • Various projects in the field of wages, employment, equality and female remuneration research

ConPlusUltra GmbH

The Austrian consulting company ConPlusUltra GmbH participates in the project on the basis of its expertise in public consulting and regional development programmes for regional and national institutions, cross-border and European partnerships with a regional focus on the Eastern part of Austria and the and the Centrope region. Further fields of ConPlusUltra´s activities include energy consulting and legal compliance services.

ConPlusUltra has set a special focus on human resource issues as a key factor in the organisational development of innovative companies and supported these activities for more than a decade. The companies consulting activities in this field range from the basic analysis of qualification demand in regional companies, further facilitation of networking between economic stakeholders (SME, lead industrial companies) up to the support of public clients and cooperation in the development of related support programmes.